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Strange Combination S 1924

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I had a local plumber/ electrician shop bring in a 1979 S 1924 truck with a big vacuum pump type setup on it. It has a 446 gas with an Allison automatic and air brakes. At least I thought the air brakes was strange. 

It has a Ford 6 cylinder gas engine on top to run the pump. Both engines seem to have carburetor issues.  They both run off the same gas tanks, and the gas smells really old.  The tank switching valve isn't working either so may have a fair amount of work on this beast. Both engines start hard and then idle fine but no power. Seems like the V8 is flooding badly.  Holley 4160 carburetor on it. They were having problems finding anyone to work on a carburetor. I've had dozens of these apart on  old cars and pickups etc along with Quadrajet Rochester/ Carters. 

I have a 1980 S 1724 myself with a 404, 2 barrel Holley carburetor. 








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The 446 was standard with a 2 bbl and a 4 bbl was a option for a little more hp and torque. Of course I may be thinking about the 404.

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