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2188 header wont raise

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I have a 2188 that is giving me fits the head wont go up and down but it will tilt left and right and auger won't swing but I can here the solenoid working for the auger and no power to the A piller the water temperature and fuel gauges are the only one's working I've jumped the oil pressure sending unit and that didn't work any idea's please might keep it from going to the dealer 

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the header up and down switch can go bad, but typically not up and down both at the same time, usually starts acting up in one direction.  You can push in on the solenoid behind the outer door on LH cab platform to see if hydraulic controls are working.  The switch is not that bad to replace in the hand remote.

The cab A pillar I never had issues with on any of ours so not sure what to tell you.  Hope you get some help from someone else on that.

Good Luck

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The only thing I can add is if the A pillar isn't working, that can cause issues like your describing.

One time on our 2366 wouldn't raise the head up but it would field track like you describe. It was throwing a code on the display that in essence told you to recalibrate the throght position for the computer. There was a whole procedure spelled out in the manual with a bunch of steps to do to recalibrate it. Did that and all was well again. With that A pillar not working i wonder if that's part of your issue. I know from that experience if it says that isn't right. It won't go and if no communication from it my gut says it won't go either.

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