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454 making grinding noise when in both forward and reverse gears


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Please if anyone could advise , I have had my 454 for a couple of years and she runs a dream but the last time I used she was maki an on/off grinding noise from the from the gear shift area in both forward and reverse , could this be an oil issue or perhaps the clutch ? Any advice would be gold thank you.

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      Welcome to the forum.    Having worked on quite a few of these series tractors,  I have noticed that the shift linkage on the left console will get dirty corroded and begin to drag when you shift gears.    I have seen that when you shift from one gear to another that this dragging will pull the shift linkage from one gear partially into position that it will be dragging the teeth of another gear.    My suggestion would be to get some WD-40 or chain lube or other thin spray lubricant,  and lubricate all the linkage under the left console.   I would also loosen the four screws,  and remove  the cover on the center of transmission,   located between your legs when seated on the tractor.     Lubricate this linkage also while shifting into all the gear positions.   You will find that it will shift a whole lot better and may not be grinding.

      If you still have problems with grinding you may have problems with detents in the transmission not in place.    I would try lubricating the linkage and have someone to operate all the linkage while you look at it from under the console. 

     I hope this helps.


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Welcome to red power.
Some questions concerning noise:
1) Re from gear shift area in both forward and reverse, so you hear it from left fender/axle/wheel area?
2) You only hear it when tractor is moving? If you put the R/N/Hi/Lo shift lever in Neutral and let the clutch out do you hear it?
3) Range transmission 1-2-3-4 do you hear it in all gears?
4) Put range transmission in Neutral, you find a spot usually between 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 where the range transmission is not in either gear, let clutch out, do you hear the noise?

Simple things first:
1) Parking brake completely OFF?
2) Check all the rear wheel wheel hub and rim nuts for being tight? 

Manuals can be found here: 


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