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Injector Troubleshooting


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I have a truck with a DT466 transplant - if you are curious about the build/truck I have a thread over in the projects area.  I posted the my question below on that thread, but it didn’t get much action being in the projects section. 

This truck sat with very little use for about 5 years prior to me building it up (which took another 5 years).  The pump is set at the bone-stock settings, with the exception of the aneroid loosened up a bit

The truck starts, idles and runs great.  The engine seemed to have a slight miss/unevenness between 1000 to 1500rpm.  It also seemed very intolerant of lugging.  If you idle it down to go around a corner and then gently get back in the throttle it has a slight shuddering feeling.  I am talking no load and low speeds - not what you would typically call “lugging”.

I think it is the injectors.  Before I did my first long trip (3 hrs), I dumped a bottle of Stanadyne supplement and a bottle of 2-stroke oil in the tank.   After driving about 2 hours, I was happily surprised to see most of that miss cleared up.  The low rpm lug/shudder has mostly cleared up too.  I’m not sure if it’s the fuel concoction I put in, or the running for 2hrs straight at a good load.  It’s probably mostly the running under load, but who knows.

When I get some time and more cash, I will do the injectors.  Any tips on injectors?  Should I buy rebuilds and do core returns? Should I have a local shop test/rebuild the ones I have?  Just curious if there are any quality issues with exchange injectors that I should be aware of. 

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I would run that a bunch with fuel conditioner in it before committing to swapping the injectors.  Things sitting with today’s fuel have a tendency to screw things up.  I have had good experiences with spencer diesel in Iowa .  Thry came highly recommended by our John Deere dealer.  They seem to be highly knowledgeable.  They are not the cheapest but the stuff I have got from them has been of excellent quality.  There is member on here that does pumps and injectors also.  We have a local small shop also but they are so busy it can be thought to get things from them in a timely manner.  

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