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Looking for some engine advice!

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I am looking for some wisdom about some International engines.

I have a International TD 20 with a DT 429 engine. This was given to my dad because the people that owned it didn't want to fix it. About a year ago the owners were building a roping arena in a remote part of Northern Nevada. They had some kid with "experience operating machinery" in the mines in Elko, Nevada operating it and leveling a semi flat part of property. He was probably working it hard and said it spit out a bunch of oil. It was running rough and he drove it a 100 feet and shut it down and it's been sitting there ever since. We don't know exactly where the oil came from, from the looks of it maybe around the oil cooler. At the time they drained the oil and did find some considerable pieces of metal. (I know that is pretty vague but it is what we were told) 

I have pulled the valve cover off and rolled the motor over and it seems to roll over fine. Put batteries in, cleaned fuel system to make sure it was getting diesel it and turned it over. It just chugs and spits whiteish grey smoke and thinks about firing but won't start. I quit doing that in case there is internal damage to a cylinder or piston. I have pushed it onto a lowboy trailer with another machine and hauled it home for better inspection.


Here is the million dollar questions! 

Rebuild the engine? It seems like this engine and parts are extremely hard to find

Is there another engine that would fit into it?  For example I have found several DT 436 engines in the 1460 combines that seem to be one every street corner here in Idaho.

Is a DT 436 engine similar (Inline 6 cylinder)? Would it fit?

Is it scrap? machine is in great condition, tracks are good, undercarriage is good, got a Caterpillar blade. We have a TD 18 that I am sure some of the parts would work for 

20200506_104300 (1).jpg



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The 436 is very similar to a 466 which was used in a TD-15C. I would think it would fit with some modifications. You should put this post on the Construction board on this forum, more people will see it there.


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