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IH 1256 S/N 13135

Long Farms

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If you weren't so far away I would be interested in that cab, neighbor had one on a 966 he bought new, it was quiet tight cab for that time.  Yours looks like it was built tall enough to put on a 66 series.  Interesting lever for the third valve, I've got an 856 bought that has three valves with factory levers, but I haven't got it home yet will post pics when I do.

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On 9/6/2020 at 11:18 AM, Long Farms said:

Cab already sold and sold quick! Definetly interested in seeing detailed pics of 3rd factory/dealer installed set up. If someone would copy and repop the lever set up they would sell a pile of them. Only draw back is you cant use 3rd remote with hyd seat. 



Unfortunately it's definitely not factory triple hydraulic, they just used a factory lever.


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Rebuilt shifter high/low/rev top plate, shift levers, added a used hycap trans brake rod, pulled radiator and had it checked and cleaned at shop, power washed radiator support, pulled frame rail to replaced brazed steering line and replace leaking oring on wet bolster. 










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Not that bad but pricey. New bottom bearing and race is pain to remove. Have to be carefull with teflon seals and compressing them to fit back and and get one past the center opening. Lots of crap and gunk builds up in there. Suprised how nasty it was but since used motor was main source of hyd oil for no telling how long, it shouldnt have suprised me. 




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