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Ask yourself , what are you really going to do with it?  

For a plow day where it’s basically a fun get together heck yes get it. 

It’s a three bottom ,  I assume you’re not gonna plow 10,000 acres with it so it’s a no brainer if it looks nice get it. 

In my neck of the woods a plow won’t even get a bid at a farm sale . They all go to the scrap yard .  They are sought after and very valuable depending on where you live so that can be a factor  when  you make the decision.  

Put up a picture of that bad machine. 

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I sold an IH 314 roll over plow this spring for $1200. Guy bought it to convert to 3pt . I was going to restore it and too many projects got in the way

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All i am going to say is when everyone used to molboard plow in this area before disk rippers and no-till spraying there were lots of farm yards with IHC roll over plows hooked to John Deere Tractors. Pulled easier, did a better job and stayed in the ground. NO Compairison

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