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Jumbo wrench organizer


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I welded up some flatbar in a box frame shape and plated  it in with 1/2" plywood from the inside with a handle across  each end .  It started out as a carrier for a ratchet hoist. We have two that we use a 1.5T and a 6T either one with it's 20 foot chain fits nicely in the carrier. It's a two man job to move the weight around and the box adds another 30 # or so.  We will require a longer length for the 40" 3/4 breaker bar, the 600 FTLB torque wrench  and set of cheap large 3/4 drive and a handful of heavy duty deep sockets. .  Weight over around 75# appears to be an issue.  Also the carrier is great for a 2 person carry of a 20 foot 1/2" chain used when a large pull is required.   That chain comes in a 5 gallon bucket but is not easy to handle in the bucket.

Last but not forgotten, a normal hand truck works great to carry around the carrier that will fit in the wheel chair ramp on a transit bus.

Make the best of what you have!


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