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1st 706 German Diesel Found

Dan Robinson

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As the title says, the 1st 706 German has been found. Its now owned by fellow friend and Red Power member Tim Malin @TimsIHtractors

Earlier this spring he bought a 706 German from a jockey in Oklahoma. Just because he had always wanted a 706 German. Didnt run, needed TLC, has a westendorf loader. But the price was right and delivery to SW Wisconsin was possible. 

Until last week Tim hadn't done much with it, as he was busy custom manure hauling at home, and helped for a couple months on a custom harvest crew in the south. Always on the move. 

Last week he finally had time to sit down for a minute or 2 and started tinkering on the 706. 

He was talking to a friend, Marc Johnson, about german diesel things and serial number came up. Marc sent him pics of a local tractor with a funny tag. So Tim checked his.  Low and behold....

Serial number 37237. The first production 706 with a german 310 diesel.  

Tim was out of this world with happiness. He has since got it running and driving on its own has fuel issues yet. Someday it may find a 234 hung on it. 

Enough talk onto some pics. 

1 and 2: As it look when he got it.

3: A paragraph from one of Ken Updike's books.

4: Serial Tag

5: Running and Moving.

Tim may chime in later on. But I told him I'd share his story for him. 






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22 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

So why are the serial numbers in the two pics different?  One pic shows the special tag and the other shows the special serial#?

The pic Tim posted is what is believed to be a pre production 706 German. Hence the extra tag to order parts for 37237 and above. Its in SW MN.

Bill Latchford has a tried and true preproduction 706. Still has a couple Hinsdale tags on it. 

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It's really cool story,but there is a tale of two people here.One person who could feel no better  and that is the new owner who didn't realize what he bought and one who can feel no worse and that is the jockey who sold something that he didn't know what he had and it slipped through his fingers.

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That’s great Tim , glad you found it , can’t wait to see it all fixed up ??


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I'll bump this back to the top as I remembered I had a couple more pics of it. 

These pics were November 21st. I drove up to Tims to help him resurrect the 706 again and move some equipment back home for him.

The poor girl needs some major fuel system work. Pump seems to be pretty slow to react and injectors can't be pretty. We run it around for a few hrs, and it used an excessive amount of fuel. 

But overall I believe its a decent tractor, clutch is good, TA not so much but thats to be expected, sprag will not hold at times. 

He was happy as a peacock to be actually using it that weekend. 



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1 hour ago, INTERNATIONAL 1466 said:

No that has since been removed and replaced with a DT414, now it is a tractor. Sorry couldn't help it, wondered when that would come up in this thread.:wacko:

Ha, you beat me, good play. I only made my first comment as a joke in  reference to the Other thread.

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15 hours ago, TractormanMike.mb said:

Probably working somewhere with a Cummins transplant.

I laughed at this comment. 

I will say the 706 in our shed with a German is not the number being asked about. 

It is also most likely never getting a swap done to it. 

Its always interesting to find tractors on serial number breaks. 

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