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Seeking a cheap 86 series muffler

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On 8/23/2020 at 12:00 PM, INTERNATIONAL 1466 said:

I have a 986 and a 3688's mufflers laying in the shed. Either of those work? You have a welder? 

What are the dimensions of those mufflers?

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Try Bates Corp in Indiana.  

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I agree with the general comments that that less restrictive is better, especially on diesels.  There is a show called Engine Masters (derived from the magazine).  They have done a few shows with exhaust systems.  Seems like for exhaust pipe and mufflers, bigger is better.

I would say diesel - the bigger and less muffled the better.  Lowers EGT’s - it’s probably easier on exhaust valves.  

Putting a straight pipe on a gas engine that is already marginally lean might be a source of the “hot valve” theory/lore?



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whether you use a muffler or not on an open station tractor,

always use hearing protection.  it's just stupid not too.   

started wearing them in the early 80's, starting with h, m, 560.

continued with the 966 and 686.  wish i had started 10 years early.

i even wore them when i ran my 715 that had a cab and muffler.

first thing i did to my 3688 and 5288 was to put the muffler eliminator. 

cab is still very quite no need for them there.  I always wear them on in the shop too.  





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46 minutes ago, lightninboy said:

Too much like wearing a mask and often gives me a headache.

Headaches are temporary. Hearing loss is permanent.

It also helps if you get hearing protection that FITS. No headaches.  The muffs don't need to squeeze your head.

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