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Advice on connecting rod straightening.

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 Installing sleeves, pistons  in a later 400 block with the 1 inch piston pins.  Noticed one cylinder had a problem with rod fitting to crank just right. First thought was the aftermarket piston didn't have the pin hole square with piston. After installing another rod and piston in the hole with no problems. I then tried the piston out of hole with problem on the other rod I just tried, fit good. Went to measuring the rod and found the crank bore and pin bore were out of square by .018. Put rod in press and went past square and the back to square.  Not sure if I can trust it to stay, anyone else straighten done this before? thoughts?

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Had a wisconsin vp4d in a t3g galion roller. Mice built nest in air shroud. Plugged#4 cylinder. Siezed piston. Rod pulled out broke up bottom of piston. I discovered the problem when oil started to run out of the two holes the pin wore in block. The rod was bent in a C shape, twisted and tilted. Staightened rod with Sunnen rod aligner. Sleeved that hole and put in the one new piston. I was still in Brooklyn at the time. So it was several years ago. Just used it last week. Still runs. I do remove the tin and blow out the mouse construction every time I use it now. That is my only experience with realigned rods.

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