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I have 175c international crawler tractor 1982 that I have been working on. The loader was down for 4 years due to a crushed hydraulic radiator.I had a new one built and put on and when I tried to move the loader nothing happened no forward or reverse.I then took off suction and pressure filters and changed had to change o-rings but not sure if the new ones were exactly the same but tried to match them up as close as possible.Filled lines with hydraulic oil and reattached.The clutch pressure gauge barely came up in the green with the engine at high rpm.Ran the loader for 2 hours and lost all power forward or reverse.l pulled the line off to the suction filter and poured about a gallon of hydraulic oil in and reattached. I then had forward and reverse but still clutch pressure was barley in the green.Is there something i need to check to get better clutch pressure?

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        Welcome to the forum.    There is a Construction Forum on this site that has a very wide following.  If you will go back to the "Boards" heading and go to the Construction section,  there are a very large amount of people that are very knowledgeable on construction equipment.   I feel like you will get a much better response there.


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