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Alvordton Ohio 2020 plow day

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The Alvordton Ohio fire department puts on an annual plow day and despite all that is going on in the world it still happened yesterday. The 147 came along with my 10" plow.   Here are some pics.









Extra land wheel weight.  Cheap




K. Smith and the Little tractor co were there with his latest creation, a vari width plow.











Mr. Don Williams' 1206 





Plowing was very tough.  Super hard ground.  No significant rain of any kind made everything work extra hard.   Normally my plow pulls into the ground no problem but it scratched a lot yesterday.








Idiot flat towing 




Also look at how this tool tows with the tail wheel hanging off the trailer.  




The fire department said they sold 600 Chicken Dinners (lunches.)  The ground was hard but this consistently has to be the best plow day I've ever been to.  No drivers meetings, no cost, no waivers...sign up, don't be stupid, and plow.  Leave when you want.  Keep plowing.  No one really cares.  People respect that and its always a great show.  








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8 hours ago, Allredallday said:

Where was the "steel wheel tractor section"?? 

Not really existent from what I could see.  It was advertised that they were going to have their own space but it got mixed in with everyone else.  Heck even I got pushed out by 4-5-6 bottom plows. (I was done plowing at that point but still they finished the other 3/4 of the field then started in on where the garden tractors were.)  

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Cool big Allis Chalmers 8550 Plowing and Farmall 1206 Plowing.

I can see an Allis Chalmers 190XT hooked up to an Allis Chalmers Plow between a Farmall 400 or 450 and a John Deere.

Any more pictures of the Farmall 1206?

Any pictures of the Allis Chalmers 190XT Plowing?

Nice Pictures and Thanks for Sharing .

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Sorry no these are it. At plow days like this you either plow or take photos. It’s difficult to do both.  I got in some of both.   

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Looks like fun! I got out Sunday and did a little plowing myself. Wore some of the 'new' off the tires. Glad this happened when it did as fun has been cancelled around here for awhile!




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