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“B” injection pump

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1956 on some,  up in the year. Thought I would check my answer since my memory could be off. Checked a f-400-D and have conflicting results.. Tractor serial number says May of 55.  Engine serial number listed for the change was in September 56. Think the engine number listed is wrong.

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1 hour ago, mdhofer said:

Thank you, I have a ‘55 400 diesel with a B pump. Don’t know if it came with that or was changed.

Looked through my notebook and see where I found this information at one time.  Start of B pump on F-400-D tractor serial number 17143 and engines 14280.  HC 400-D, tractor 18074, engine 14449. I-400 tractor 1434, engine 14262. Hope this helps. IH did offer stuff to change from a A to B if wanted if it is a earlier tractor. Place I found a engine number of 21481 for B pumps is actually when they started putting open type injectors in a F-400-D.  Real late in production with probably less than 10 built before the D-281 engines started.

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