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there are  three different styles of blades for the disc mowers 

One looks like it would help suck the grass up. The other looks like it would resist abuse a little better.   But then one style has both types so that you can revrse the and have either one you want.   Which results in having both styles cutting and a uneven cut.     1399848430_Screenshot_20200809-091625_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.f3a17aad578c5280cc720c0c0a62416b.jpg 

Mine has the style B and they where turned every direction. I havebeen slowly changing them to style A. 

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Having had one for years yes do all and be done.  The C are what we call high pitch.  They do seem to do better on light/dry grass.  A does fine on 90% of grasses imho.  I always forget about Shoup and them guys for knives in the winter.  Iirc I priced 1x and it was so close to oem Agco I didnt bother.  Our Kanadihan dealer just sells me a box of L and a box of R and direct ships.  Then I got enough and back ups.  Keep attention to em.  Flip before they get 30 40% wore looking at end flat edge.  I would strongly encourage you to get new bolts an washers along with bolt shields (donuts) and holders as well.  The used bolts will come loose someday...trust me.  And removing over wore holders is a task.  They swi ng freeer and cut smoother when all smooth holders.

An my uncle thought shields were dumb.  Till he was torching the old bolts out since they wore to nubs.  He actually takes a grinder an hooouuurs to "sharpen" his knives.  They are hardened so takes effort.  And they are 20 to 30% shorter from ends wearing off.  Just ridiculous.....he could swap all components and run 3 to 4 seasons then flip knives and run 3 more before needing replacement and it will cut nicer.

Also keep eye on disc.  They also can be shuttled one over and ran after seeing pin hole wear.  Get 2 season more then...do new bolts too since they wear bad.  Wont get em off next time.  Look close when swapping knifes.  The sq part that the holder set into can crack on the underside and dissapear.  Making it dang near impossible to get knives out or tighten properly.  The parts really are cheap considering the acres they will provide you.  Refreshing all the tops, turtles, harware, and knives will last you years i bet


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Hope to get a few years service then look at trading it off.   

But after running a 15' cut  center swing  it will be hard to go back.  Lol.  

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