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1486 TA Question

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Hi all - I have a 1486 that the TA does something weird on: it works only when the tractor is hot. The high side works regardless, but when the tractor is cold and you pull the lever it slips and will stop moving if there is any drawbar load. Once it warms up it will pull hard in low (heavy implement up a steep hill in L3 is no problem). I'm sure it's a sign of age and wear and that eventually it will need to be rebuilt, but this mode of failure doesn't make sense to me.

I've been using the tractor like this for two seasons now and it hasn't been an issue for me, but I may have to sell it soon and I want to be as transparent as I can be with prospective buyers who I'm sure will ask more about this. Anything that this behavior indicates might be useful to know and to tell them. Alternatively, if this points to something I can change without tearing the tractor down which will fix it that would be cool too (however unlikely!).


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Well, the hydraulic TA has a mechanical sprag clutch that does the pulling in "low." The sprag will pull the tractor even if there is no hydraulic pressure anywhere, when it is working. Any slipping or stopping in low indicates that sprag is worn out and no longer engaging. The low side also has hydraulically engaged "holdback" clutches, but these are not meant to pull against and will not hold up long if the sprag is completely shot.

I suspect that the sprag is grabbing at least partially once the holdback clutches start working, or else you'd have been totally dead in the water in low a long time ago.

Can't tell you what the strange warm up behavior is about, unfortunately. Only theory I have is there's a slight leak somewhere in the TA unit that is either causing it to lose prime in the low clutches or is letting the pressure to the low clutches bleed off so they won't hold. Warming up allows the prime to build back up, and/or things to expand and seal the leak maybe? I dunno.

Regardless, the TA will need to be replaced sooner or later. How long it will last as it is, is anyone's guess. The TA is a wear item but not a regular maintenance item.

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