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Another "It Followed Me Home Thread"

2+2 Guy

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I have been looking for a welder/generator for my son's farm drainage business. Occasionally his 50 year old Buckeye Super D wheel ditcher needs some field repairs. I ran across this prize on craigslist last week and just couldn't pass it up for $500. It was at a private airport in the Toledo, O area and had been used to maintain the steel hanger doors. The used it to power a 225 amp Lincoln welder. I have an old Miller 180 amp welder that I rarely use anymore since I bought my MIG. 

Plan A is to transfer it to a better trailer, mount my old Miller welder, a 5 hp. air compressor, a cutting torch, vise and tool box. The old Wisconsin starts instantly and runs great. Already tried powering my welder, air compressor and angle grinder with it and everything seems to work great. I just cant find a tag that tells me what brand the generator is. The engine is a Wisconsin Model THD. Near as I can tell this might be 1950's vintage. 

I love this old stuff.?


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Winco (wind charger company) used the 2 cyl wisconsin on a lot of their products.

 Build seems similar as well, just the wrong color for winco.

 Perhaps it was built for Sears or Monkeywards.(or western auto, or anybody else ,for that matter).

 Orange does remind one of Allis-Chalmers, and they built all kinds of stuff, besides tractors.

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8 hours ago, 12_Guy said:

The orange color and shape of the genny endbell makes me think it is a Pincor. Note, I don't know if Pincor ever used Wisconsin engines but the color looks right. 

I was wondering if it might be a Pincor. It is kind of a redish orange or orangish red if you will.
As supermechanic said above, possibly a Winco. I’ll do a little research on the computer tonight. 
A google search revealed that the Wisconsin THD engine was built from 1957 to 1975 and the D indicates Stelite valves and seats. I suspect it to be a 1970’s model because of that and the grounded 110 outlets. Don’t know for sure but the first time I heard about Stelite valves & seats was in the 1970’s. 

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