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44 minutes ago, Ian Beale said:

"Once round the deck,

Twice round - - "?

steady  Ian........steady.......:mellow:


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5 hours ago, highcotton said:

Had an umbilical hernia repaired myself- mesh implant. I didn’t do the prescription pain thing either- took 4 ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. Listen to doc- those things are worse if they have to go In twice. 

You repaired it yourself?  Good grief.  That’s impressive. 


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3 hours ago, highcotton said:

Ok- that didn’t read the way I meant it...

Lol.  I know, but it sure gave me a chuckle at the end of a long day

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12 hours ago, searcyfarms said:

hey guys hows the hernia coming along, how about the infection on the leg too? boy you guys really know how to make a guy wrench in pain from the chest down WHOA

Infection is under control but the area still hurts every time I get up. Follow up appointment with surgeon is tomorrow.. Thank you for asking. Learn from our mistakes! I hope I do!

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