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5240 Maxuum Oil leak from flywheel housing.

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I have a 5240 in the shop for a hydraulic oil leak coming between the block and flywheel back plate. I have the tractor split (wasn't very fun to get to the bolts/nuts. I'm going to reseal the block to flywheel plate and install a new rear crank seal tomorrow. Does anyone know the flywheel and torque limit bolt specs? thanks!

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Here are the torques requested as well as a couple notes on the flywheel housing seal. Make sure you have the disc aligned before tightening torque limiter plate, if not you will struggle to get it together, Would also caution that if disc isn't centered properly it will "flex" spring hub and wear it out prematurely. A standard clutch doesn't have to be 100% centered as it will find center once disengaged / released the first time. On the torque limiter disc it's never released. 

Flywheel housing 60 - 65 ft lbs

Flywheel 101 ft. lbs

Torque limiter 75 - 80 ft lbs

WHEN SEALING THE FLYWHEEL HOUSING BELOW SER# JJF1038599 USE 1 OF J912473, SER# JJF1038600 AND ABOVE USE 1 EA. OF 238-7362, 1977130C1 AND 189051A1



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