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Tractor reproduction parts

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If you bear with me a minute, I'll get to the point. While living in CA, I had a 60 corvette that I did a body off restoration on. I loved that car, drove the daylights out of it, but, I sold it. Why? I got tired of putting out money for junk, electricals, chrome parts, radiators, eventually even a brand new gm crate motor that they would not stand behind.

I recently bought a 574 with low hours and seems to have been stored inside. It had been stored for awhile, so I have some things to attend to. While I have the back of the dash opened up, I figured I would replace the light switch while I was in there. Mine works, but the terminals are rusty, etc. I ordered one from All State AG Parts and another component, and waited for them to arrive. Mailman brought a box today, opened it up, other part seems alright, pulled out the switch and started to look it over. The knob is already half stripped out, and the nut to hold it to the sheet metal, just slides up and down on the threads, junk.

Needless to say it's going back, but one thing I did learn while working on the vette, was that some parts companies definitely have better quality parts than others. You would think that the same component from different companies would be made by one facility, but evidently not.

In the tractor restoration world, does there seem to be a better company to get quality parts verses the others? I realize that we are talking offshore manufacturing, but I think some companies go the extra mile, to make sure that they get what they and us want.

Interested in your opinion.

Thank you for your help.

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I have used these people in the past, with decent results.


 Some of the parts have to be fiddled with to fit, bear in mind, the moulds or dies that make the  parts like caps and rotors could be 70 years old.

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