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Farmall 140 6V wiring diagram

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Would anyone happen to have a copy of a 6V wiring diagram for an early Farmall 140..?? I found one for a 12V system, which has the ignition switch, and starter button, but this older model has the starter switch mounted on the starter. Color coded would even be better, but I'll take what I can get. I'm thinking I can pretty well follow the 12V diagram, just exclude the starter switch, and starter button wiring. Just gave$118.00 for a Delco Remy copy  VR, which I've used on several other tractors here, and don't want to fry it.  These are pretty decent U.S.A made regulators, and the oldest I've gotten 10-15 years service out of so far. Can't exactly remember when I got this first one.  

  This tractor was originally 6V, and someone did a hack job 12V conversion. Putting it back to 6V, just because. I'm using a 4 post VR, NOT a cut out.

  I found another for a Super A, which I thought may be similar, but it has the cut out, not VR.

  I've found numerous sites you can supposedly download diagrams for free, just a little leary of giving a CC number, with acess code. Just seems like asking for trouble.



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