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Two rare 7140s one is 4 post the other is duals all around

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I can count on one hand the number of Magnums with factory 4 post structure but there is one and its a 1988 model that cranks 250hp on the dyno and the other one is a 1989 model with duals front and back.  The 4 post Magnum has a price tag of $24,500 not bad and looks clean, hey ya aint gotta grab a handle and swing open a door upon entry everytime but when it gets cold youll forget all bout that

1988 CaseIH 7140 with factory 4 post structure.jpg



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8 minutes ago, jass1660 said:

I feel sorry for the front end of the one with the duals on it.

They work, our 7120 when we got it was dualed up with over 3500 hrs. We did take the duals off when we got it but have never had trouble with the front end since we had it.. 

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They have a full rack of weights and a rock box plus looks like 14.9x46 tires on rear, lot of power trying to go thru that front end.

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Front duals were common in eastern Arkansas and Louisiana for working in rice fields when these tractors were new. Thx-Ace 

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