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Folks how bout some old school pullin pics

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Been awhile since I put up some pulling tractors but here are some of my best pics of the 60s and 70s pulling action.  The first picture is at Louisville and that Charles Outland from here in Kentucky, Murray, Ky to be exact and he was one of the first Prostockers and I saw him pull against River Rat and Tinker or the father and son John Deere prostockers at the Russell Co. Fair about 15 miles east of me back in the late ninties.  That first 966 with the tricycle frontend is Stan Gotl from Nebraska and he later on bought a new 986 with ROPS and pulled it, he took the canopy off of it but still had the bars and HEY  KRM you know of ole Stan being your from Nebraska also.  That 986 with turbos on both sides is Jack Grant outta Canada and he sold it to Jerry Van Dorpe, there is another pic of Jack on his blackstripe 1466 he pulled for along time, he is trying to start it back up after his pull. That pic of that 856 blowin smoke with the narrow frontend was made in 1972 somewhere?  The last two pictures are in Louisville and the man on that Allis-Chalmers 220 is Art Arnold and he won the 15,000lb class in the pulls first two years of 1968 and 1969, I was a little boy livin in Louisville when those pics were taken I was born and raised there until I was 12 years old and my Dad bought the IH dealership and farm so we moved about 100 miles to the south and I became a country boy.  Notice no smoke tube on his tractor in 1968 and boy it got really bad in Freedom Hall I bet, my first pull there was in February of 1976 and they drove there tractors into the place and would sit and idle waiting there turn and the smoke would really be heavy if ya sat up in the stands and would burn your eyes, it happened to me that time.  Hope ya like em






















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Jack Grant's farm is only 40 minutes to the west from me.  At some point in the late 90s some guys who had bought the old 1466 decided to get it out of retirement and go pulling. They snuffed it at the line at every pull until the final one of the year. They decided to go for broke and wound it WAY up before taking off and won the class! It turned out that the tachometer was reading way high and they just weren't getting enough RPMs! They had fun the following season with it again.

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I’ve never  been to many  pulls, (talking just watching) but from what I remember locally in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, I don’t recall seeing the big wide tires like that.  Is that still popular and I have just missed it?  I’ve only been to a few pulls in the last 20 years.

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