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d-407 valve adjust

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Hope those new thrust plates are machined right if .002" is the low...............with coefficient of expansion and tolerances that those new ones are probably held to that seems to tight to me? 

Interesting info brought to light here, even with all the BS up the page.

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Wow , I was gone on vacation and just got back , I see nothing has changed much , 60 comments on a simple valve adjustment , holy balls 😳 J Mech your something , you must love to just ague with your s

This is the differences that some are referring to.

Well, I at least hope anyone who is seeking an answer here is able to sort through and find that answer, in the midst of the rest of the chest-beating

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6 minutes ago, JimG said:

.002 does not allow for much heat expansion.

No, it is amazing how things grow and contract with temperature.  Way back in college, we had an old head for a Metrology professor...............An arguement got started one day about expansion, since the lab was held at the industry designated 20 degrees C(68 degrees F), we couldn't do anything with heat in there, but he said I have another experiment you can do to see who is right..........He knew of-course, but most of the students didn't know much about the subject.  Took a 12" Starrett gage block there, and being the old head he was he took it, he open the door and lobbed it right out the door into a big snow bank.................At the time is was just about zero outside.  He said leave it out there for acouple hours and we will measure it..............When they went out and got that and brought it back for measurement the shrink on it was amazing(Well to a machinist anyhow)..............Same holds true in the other direction.  I never forgot that, A, for showing actually what temperature does to things, B, someone taking a 12" Starrett gage block that must have cost a fortune and just throwing it out the door into a snow bank!  And since this country is in a PC mode, the gage block wasn't hurt in the incident.................was cleaned, coated with WD, and put back at the end.  

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The dampner pulley, I myself look for rubber that's bulging out, or chunks appear to be missing, or if it looks aged and brittle.  Any 361/407 I've done, they get a new pulley, as they're not too pricey through the aftermarket.  I thought originals had marks on both sides of the rubber, to tell you if they were still lined up, or if the outer ring had slipped.  But again, considering they're 50+ years old, if they look old, I replace it.

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