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"Special Color Paint" on LST?

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I've had a 1959 B-162 for a few years that I'm slowly resurrecting.  Current project is the gauge cluster, which I'm fairly positive someone has spray bombed the bezel/housing at some point in the past.  I'm planning on stripping/repainting it, hopefully back to original color.  I'm assuming that these trucks were painted the same color inside and out, as there is only one color listed on the LST? This housing currently is a considerably darker shade than the rest of the interior bits which is a light gray, almost white color, and the outside is completely different, which I think was two tone white over red.  It's WELL beyond faded by now, very chalky, full of cracks, and some surface rust poking through.   It needs to be stripped/repainted as well.  

LST shows "Special Color Paint" and next line - "8153-21 Gray".  

I've read that International would factory paint these trucks just about any color you'd want, and with that, would also paint a truck with a "company specific" color that isn't one of the standard colors offered, such as if some company had all their trucks painted with say, an uncommon shade of blue or green, or whatever, rather than having a new truck repainted after delivery.  The bummer there is that it's usually impossible to match those colors today without a good paint chip to match.  Is that what I'm likely looking at here with the "special color paint"?

The paint code looks like a DuPont code to me, but I can't find anything that would match it in DuPont listings or cross references.  Also can't find anything at all matching that specific color code, and given the rest of the truck, I can't even be certain that the interior hasn't been repainted at some point in it's life as well.  

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