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Old license plate thread


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I was cleaning up in my pole barn today when I noticed the Norrth Dakota plate. The 1956 plate is on my 56 Chevy. I've got a couple other ones at work I'll have to get pictures of, I'm sure you all have some hanging up on your barn/garage walls.IMG_6116-compressed.thumb.jpg.5017459ab0b36d5b9e68de2c3e90a888.jpgIMG_6115-compressed.thumb.jpg.d0042669cf4ad7e5a1262e122094eec6.jpg

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...saw this on my travels somewhere !!…….

I have a big collection of  USA   number plates in my shed wall.....could do with a lot more....my friends think I am nuts....could be right...but I thought more interesting that going over in to  Mexico...taking home a gigantic hat plus...for desert...the bonus of venereal disease...…
I got most of the plates whilst working in the West Indies......older American vehicles found their way to that Island I worked on......the attrition rate  with the local ''drivers '' was horrendous....thus I collected lots of car  and truck plates....

New Zealand   plates would win the ""Most bland, unimaginative plate "" prize.....



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I have 60 to 69 that I rotate on my camper every year, a couple of early 50s that will fit in also, have the green 60 on now, had a ‘37 I used on my ford back then.

I mentioned before we have specialty plates to help our BC parks program, got them on my truck and Jeep.

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D701DD18-4E25-4868-B572-FC0CEE30D733.thumb.jpeg.d2019a6b33a623b496c27f102040cf4b.jpeg906C7235-3344-44BC-B1B2-E2AC268155C1.thumb.jpeg.9d7777ae422a11982d0e99a95622b5b5.jpegC0E80B3C-25E5-456E-99B6-EBD12EAF6A32.thumb.jpeg.55da3ff771cb494376cd3f73fa359039.jpegI have been collecting for a while. All 50 states in motorcycle, extra car plates that I only use one on , I try to find one on islands during SCUBA trips , about 75 more various plates in boxes stored away. 





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I’ve restored a couple for fun. Have most years from IL starting in 1917. Even have a couple of the cardboard plates from WWII. They were made from a soybean based material. People told me that it would rain and dogs would eat them off of a car. Ha

The early plates were larger in IL and had slots cut in them to let air through to the radiators of the cars. The 1927 was the only year to feature the outline of the state. The are original colors as closely as I could match them. Truck plates had different colors than car plates also. The 79’ is a truck plate. 








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I've got most of the Sask. plates my dad bought strting in 1952. Plus some of my uncle's and a few others that turned up over the years. Naturally I'll put a 52 plate on the Merc. Got a 64 plate on the Chevy II. Guess I need to do the same on the Internationals.  I've even got an "A" plate that my uncle had in his custom trucking business. 


Merc autumn leaves 3 (1 of 1).jpg

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Since I was "taken" by WWII, I have Montana plates from the late 1930's through 1945. My two favorite WWII Montana plates are the 1942 black and white, with a chunk of restamped, leftover plate and painted red for 1943; the year I was born. They were trying to save metal for the war effort. The 1944 plate is the year my wife was born and it is a soymeal plate in green and white.

An old IHC McCormick-Deering salesman in Lewistown, Montana at Bourke Motor & Implement Company, used to frequent farms in hopes of selling equipment, but planned his arrival around 11:AM, hoping the farmer's wife would set an extra plate for him. He stopped at a farm in 1944 and was asked to stay for dinner (not supper!). When he came out, pigs running loose, had eaten the license plates from his vehicle.


The 1925 Model TT Truck has a Montana "Pioneer" plate on the front. And a "HOT" radiator cap!



On the rear I have the Montana Pioneer plate, a restored 1925 Montana plate, the last year of "whole state" numbering. On the tailgate were four holes that exactly fit my 1943 Montana Truck license plate, holes by the first owner.


The 1926 Model T Coupe has a Montana Pioneer plate and a restored 1926 Montana plate on the front. Montana went to "County Numbers" in 1926. County 5- is Helena, Montana, Lewis & Clark County. 


On the rear is the Montana Pioneer plate and on the spare tire "Y" bracket is my 1943 plate (the year I was born). County 7- is Flathead County at Whitefish-Kalispell.  OBG?


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I don’t go on this garage on the farm that often.  My late Grandfather 1952 L-110 sits in there.  Totally forgot about the license plates on the wall.  Tried to make it look like map of USA & Cdn.  Last pic is front of the truck with a 52 plate.










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