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560 D governor adjustment

Red Collector

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Any advice on what to look for? My 560 D seems to have gotten out of adjustment. It started by seeming very "sticky" in the lowest idle setting; you would have to give it a pretty good yank to get it to move, but then the rest of the range of movement was ok. Now, it will only move in about what I would call the middle third of the throttle range. I wound up looking under the batteries , and that's all that the linkage seems to allow for movement. I took off the ball joint and rod (19323R1 and 370263R1) and the throttle lever obviously runs free and smooth through the whole range. I don't think that the adjustments on either of the ball joints/ rods could have come out of adjustment... the stop nuts were all still tight, etc. Could the lever assembly (370260R11) get out of whack? It seems to move along with the shaft as it should, so I'm guessing that the roll pin is still holding it. 

Hope my description of the problem makes sense, and that someone can give me an idea what to look for. Also, is there a good diagram or description as to how to adjust the governor whenever i get it fixed? My 806 manual has instructions, but neither the Operator's Manual nor the Preventive Maintenance Manual for the 560 covers it.

Thanks in advance for any help

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I have had problems with the spring and pivot down by the brake pedal. Did you disconnect it at the pump and then check for the range of motion. I have only worked on the gassers so the pump I do not have any info other then the 706 had the same setup and mine worked fine.

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There should be a friction disk just under the throttle lever.

You remove the nut and throttle lever and that friction disk should be there.

It is probably gone or piled up under the lever.

DISC, governor control friction  Product No: 369463R1 is what it is called, is $7.65, and appears to be still available.

The batteries were just ahead of the throttle shaft and may have ate things away too.

Here is a picture of the whole throttle shaft assembly.


Good Luck!



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