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Going to start a topic on fixing up my latest purchase. It wont be the quality of work some of you do I’m just going to give it some better work clothes some of the work is already done . It has a new cab kit . Today I took loader and brackets off ,got all gauges working and adjusted clutch a little.


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I agree with Long Farms on this one - the cab door decal does not match the hood; the paint on the cab looks brighter than the hood paint also...

are those 34 inch rear tires? 

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10 hours ago, Long Farms said:

Cab was probably added. Door decals dont match 786 tri stripe decals. 

Is there anyway to tell by serial # not that is matters to me just wondering. It’s 1u 008614 . 

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I got the chassis set of decals to I think they really help. I’ve got a 20 inch light bar ordered  can’t decide whether to put it on cab or in front some where . I’m fairly night blind and need a lot of light.I found second picture in an old post I like the way the lights are set up on it



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1 hour ago, ky966boy said:

Headed to the field with her , still need to clean some paint off tires but it will have to wait I’ve about cooked in my shop . 




May she serve you well.  


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