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Dimensions of hay wagon stacking square bale

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15 minutes ago, amsashooter said:

Whatever size you want.

Just don't let the kids get carried away stacking.......?



(it did make it to the yard)

Sounds like my brother................had a load sold and going out here years ago, he climbed up on the truck, pulled up his pants, and said let me show you how to stack this..................Ok, he stacked it.  Down the driveway him and the neighbor kid went.  I had to close the doors, and I left in another vehicle, out the driveway I go................At the bottom half the load was across the township road, and the neighbor kid is trying to keep more of them about ready to fall off on the truck, cars are swerving around them.  I laugh every time I think about it.  Always prefered to use kicker wagons for that reason, even with a chute baler, didn't matter who stacked them or how they were stacked, they couldn't fall off and if they didn't go above the top board, it would fit everywhere.

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E-Z Trail kicker wagons, 9x18 with 8T gears.  36-38” bales is a tight 39-42 per tier, 5 tears is just below the top, 6 is just over, 210-250 bales, 5- 6.5 ton. Ish.

262 on this one stacked today.  We typically don’t stack.  They take 155-160 kicked on without aiming. 175-180 with effort.




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