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  My wife and I traveled up to Albert Lea, MN on Friday and picked up this little gem.  Her father had a Scout when She was young with many happy memories bouncing around in it.  

  The 800B had the lowest production numbers of any Scout model.  It was built from the fall of 1970 until the spring of 1971.  This particular Scout was manufactured in the Fort Wayne plant in November 1970.  The last of the 800 models, it features the square marker lights instead of round reflectors.  This change occurred due to a government safety mandate.  Our Scout features the Commanche 4 cylinder 196 engine,  dual range 4 wheel drive and rear posi-traction axle. It also has a very interesting feature: RH drive!

  Our Scout was purchased new in the Albert Lea area.  It spent most of its life pushing snow with a Western snowplow at the Motel 66 in Albert Lea.  It has accumulated a mere 30,051.7 miles on the odometer.   When the motel changed hands, the gentleman we purchased it from acquired it.  He has kept the Scout in a nice preserved and maintained state.  The engine runs great and the tub is really in decent shape.  I believe the original full top (per the VIN #) had a section taken out of the center to create the pickup cab.  I look forward to the input from those who are more knowledgeable than I.   I also would enjoy hearing about the Motel 66 in Albert Lea or if anyone recognizes this Scout.

Enjoy some photos!




















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24 minutes ago, lightninboy said:

Why would anybody order a RH drive Scout except a mail carrier?

We would like to know that as well!  Sending off to the Wisconsin Historical society archives for the line setting ticket for the Scout.

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I grew up in Northern Minnesota. A neighbor was a mail carrier in the 60's and had a right hand drive Scout 800.


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The right hand drive Scout in the US was used by the USPS as a mail delivery van. I saw many of them in Northern Ca in the late 60's. Not much of a resale market because most folks did not want the hassle of right hand drive in the US. Both the 4-152 and 4-196 were capable within their HP capability.  Recently saw one on an air compressor on purple wave auction.

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I worked for a factory in a city and the electric air compressor went bad and they rented a portable air compressor with a 4-196 to get by for a few days. The 4-196 got so it wouldn't run and the rental company brought in a portable air compressor with a John Deere diesel.

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Looks like a nice project. Tub looks pretty good for Minnesota, I’m pretty super there are patch panels available for the spots you need. I have several 80’s and 800’s, among them an RCS, a Sport top, and a 69 V8 800a. Good luck with your new acquisition, the late 800ks are some of my favorite Scouts.

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Yeah, I see RHD typically as mail carriers, usually Rural Route carriers in that era. Just ran across some that had mosquito spraying equipment and they were RHD so the driver/operator could spray the ditches. Kinda odd to see one turned from a Traveltop to a Cabtop. Most of the time, it's the other way around!

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I had a 1961 80, I put a 304 V8 in it. the 4 banger bellhousing worked after I drilled new holes to mount the transmission, there were pads for the holes already there! I moved the diff's under the springs and dropped the drive train down 6" to line up the U joints better. Power steering from the donor half-ton bolted right in. Fun little truck!

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I have a '67 full top with the 196, 4 speed, 2 stick transfer case.  In 1978, we drove it from Nebraska to eastern Idaho for Thanksgiving. It made 20 miles to the gallon going out and 21 coming back because we had it locked in FWD the first 250 miles.  Fun little truck.

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My wife and I spent one of our last vacation days together before school starts on a road trip.  We traveled down to Hustonia, Missouri and picked up a pair of fuel tanks and a bulkhead for the Scout.  Then we headed east to Saint Charles,  Missouri and loaded up the chrome bumpers.  Spent last night in Hannibal,  and drove home this morning. 


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