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International 574 injector pump no fuel at injector

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I rebuilt the D239 engine of My 574 tractor but the Bosch va4 pump will not pump fuel so cannot start tractor.  Fuel bled to filters then pump including both banjo bolts on pump and good fuel flow to IP but not a dribble from injector lines when cracking at injector.   Pump was working prior to rebuild.  Can pump sitting for years unused in a hot attic cause this?  What inside the pump would fail and cause this?

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Something else I have noticed.  When I first started cranking the engine (after rebuild) it cranked at a normal speed.  After a short period of time the engine cranking speed increased significantly.  This is all while attempting to start the motor while cranking starter.  Does anyone know why this happened?  I am wondering if there is enough compression to start the engine once I finally get the fuel pump working.  Could this have been the result of the assembly lube being flushed out with the oil?

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Hi, a solution that used to work on the older CAV pumps was to work the throttle lever back and forth a dozen times and the same for the Stop/Run lever.
Have you been trying to start it with the STOP/START/RUN lever in the START position?
START position is where the Fuel Control lever is position just touching the Shut-Off plunger.
You could loosen the screws on the timing window cover and make sure there is Diesel fuel in the front section of the pump.


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I don't know the internals of these pumps, but I know the CAV's inside and out.. fellow had an old 414 IH I think it was? wouldn't start.. there are two plungers in the pump that get pushed inward by the cam ring, and they can bind up in their bores if left for decades.. they have a weak spring pushing them out so if they aren't used, they lock up..  it's not rocket science to take those pumps apart, take pictures, keep it clean
If these pumps are more like the Bosch VE pumps (they are by the looks) plunger rotates as it moves in and out, so unless it's TERRIBLY stuck and the shaft breaks, that part is probably fine and it's more likely a problem with the metering system, I think it's a sleeve on the plunger.. Here's an exploded view 


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