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Cummins v8 504 IH634 conversion PT pump questions


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interesting, never heard of those tractors much less seen one in my neck of the woods 

i guess you could leave the accessory drive? add a shaft/propellar and farm rice with it ? 

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On 6/18/2020 at 5:00 PM, Andy spearey said:

interesting project. Tucker Sno-Cat used these small V's in their tracked machines and when I worked at British Antarctic Survey we had half a dozed or more. They had a vane hydraulic pump for steering etc tucked in close to the front of the engine and driven by a pair of belts. it worked well and was tidy. I think one or more may have had gear/shaft drive pump but just can't remember now.

Spent all my early years at work on 634's when they were new. Possibly IH's worst UK tractor as there was no part that didnt fail under warranty though having said that they performed very well and could pull a Ford 5000 backwards. One of our customers had 2 All Wheel Drives pulling 5 furrow semi mounted Overum ploughs on steep down land. best of luck. Andy

Greetings & Welcome Andy speary,  You Have my Curiosity About "British Antarctic Survey",  You Worked in that Cold Environment?  I'm Impressed!!

Share some information if you are able, 

Jim Droscha

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