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He said it ran terribly because of old gas, I suspect another cause. 




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12 hours ago, MTO said:

Brambles. WTH is a bramble?!

You Vermontanians talk funny.

Here, they are called jaggers.


WTH is a jagger?

You tryin to start more riots?

Here we call them thickets...

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On 6/5/2020 at 9:52 PM, NY1468 said:

Looks handy! You could bring it over and I can help you see what it’ll do. My wife knows how to push a mowers limits, if she can’t break it, it’s built tough...

You sound like my wife's husband.

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The kid's Scout Troop has one that someone donated used.  Didn't seem to have had a lot of use.  I've had the chance to run it a number of times.  It's a workout, but more productive than a string trimmer by far!  Only trouble we have had was breaking shear bolts on the hubs - or at least having them disappear.  Seems to happen at about the same location that we run out of line with the string trimmer...

We joke that we feel like the people in the adds as we come crashing through the high grass with it.   


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