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Repair of a 966 in the far North

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On 6/5/2020 at 10:38 AM, jd4440 said:

If i was in better health i would love to get my buddies together,  pack our tools, parts, fishing gear and of course lots of pabst!! And head up there and fix it up for you. Hope you you find someone to help you.

Take more parts and tools.

Labatt's Blue is very adequate beer. 

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15 minutes ago, Diesel Doctor said:

Take more parts and tools.

Labatt's Blue is very adequate beer. 

We have Pabst in Ontario.

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Here’s their website if you want to try contacting them. Let us know if you do. ….would be interesting to hear what happened with the 966.

The lodge picture on the home page of the website seems to match that picture of the lodge that guy posted on the first page of this thread. 😊

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6 hours ago, Farmall Doctor said:

I talk to Joey "K.O.O." a fair bit. I sent him a message too. 

Ask him if he got the syrup I sent, I never heard back. 

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You go in the spring, work hard until you need parts and then go fishing.

When parts come you work more until you need more parts.

Should be able to fish most of the summer?

And get the tractor fixed.

Did I mention beer, or Silk Tassel Whiskey?


If I was 10 years younger?



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On 10/30/2022 at 8:05 AM, Diesel Doctor said:

I doubt they spend the winter up there.

They are probably in their annual "Bug Out" to a warmer climate.


Even if they closed and vacated the lodge for the winter, they should still be checking their e-mails from…. where ever they may have bugged out to. You would think, anyway. 

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He replied:

Oh my, where to start. Well "life" (meaning the fecal matter hit the oscillating wind machine) got in the way and sometimes even the best plans have to be revised.
I have every intension of updating our post on "Red Power". Everyone on "Red Power" was so supportive and helpful. We are looking forward to 2023 and being able to give our workhorse the love it needs. 
Our new plan for the repair is this year before the hunters arrive for the fall hunt. That's when we can devote the time and not need the tractor while its in pieces.
Big Sand procured the parts and finally got them all on site at the lodge. Still need to get a couple of tools up there to make the job safer. 
Our baby is still hanging on and with tender loving care does what we ask without too much complaining. 
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