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Ok guys. We work closely with undercarriage suppliers and manufacturers and have the opportunity to have undercarriage parts produced for the 500C & E series machines (possibly others). Currently we are negotiating prices on rollers, sprockets and chains. It's looking like rollers will end up being around $132 ea, sprockets $200 ea and chains $850 ea. Wondering how much interest there is in these parts. We are looking to put together as many orders as possible. The more orders, the better the price. We would require a 50% deposit on each order if/when we move forward and the balance would be paid at time of shipment. How many guys would be interested? Please shoot me an email directly with the parts you'd be interested in and the qty.   steve@constructionpartshq.com

Constructionpartshq.com   S.A. Dygert's  Formerly P&D Mechanical

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hope you find a few   

decent pricing for a start up,  wish had one

we had that opportunity 10 years ago with korean supplier  $100K order( tooling/molds + x shifts)

only 2 wanted to spend the $3500 + frt ,most wanted NLA kit for $1K

what other models are close?

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4 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

I need two front idlers and two top rollers if you are considering them.  Also, will you be able to get reproductions of the older bellows seals IH used on the 500C's?

2x on need the complete UC

seals would be a + but when we looked for reproduction bellows,  was too much

R & D and other factories  involved ,would cost 2/3-4/3 of a complete modern setup just for 2 seals

china was the only offer and we know they will last until cash clears.



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The bellows seals like in the second picture is what mine had.  I had crossed the top roller seals over to a seal for a John Deere 350 (I think) but I cannot find that information now.  I have all new bottom rollers and almost new track and sprockets, but someone stole one of my idlers while it was apart back when scrap prices were high.

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Hello there:    We have a 500C  crawler loader.  Think it's a 1975.  plan to completely refurbish the machine.  Starting with the steering clutches. All I can say right now is that we may be interested in sprockets, and related parts.  The serial number is 4070-014-COO-2851.  Have you had any parts made yet?

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