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1872 rear tires

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I like CaCl2.  It's the heaviest thing available.  Other people hate it because if you get a leak it will eat the rim. 

You can buy and put in winshield washer fluid tubeless.  Take the tire off, lay it on its side, break the bead and pour it in.  

If you prefer tubes with fluid (I do) get a tube that the valve stem bolts to the rim.  You can buy an adapter that attaches to a garden hose, and a valve stem that has an air bleeder built in.  You can find these at a lot of farm stores.  Then get a Harbor freight pump that attaches to a drill and pump it in. 

DO NOT fill the tire 100% full.  75% or so is what you need.  There MUST be air above the top of the rim.  You should be able to roll the valve stem to the 12 o'clock position and check air pressure without getting fluid.  You need some air for temperature expansion, ride, and so you can check and adjust pressure without needing a fluid gauge. 

Easiest bet is wwf, poured into the tire.  Simple and easy.  26X12X12 tires should take around 7 gallons each to be 75% full. 

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