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Quietline PTO clutch

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Does anyone rebuild these things anymore? My uncle had a guy in Pa. that rebuilt one or two for him not so terribly long ago, three maybe four years. Are you better off to just buy new? If so, what brand and from who?

Uncle needs one for a 1650. I need one for my 1450 and the one on my 1650 discharges the battery when you engage it, though it does work fine other than that.

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No one that I am aware of rebuilds them on a large scale.  

I suggest buying a new clutch from these guys: https://xtremeope.com/  Good product, good price.

If an OEM clutch is your thing, get out your wallet, they are still available.... for about the same price as you can buy a running QL for.  If that's what you want, check with https://www.ihccw.com/ .

If your 1650 is showing discharge on the ammeter when the clutch is engaged, but the battery doesn't run dead, the problem is the wiring to the ammeter or the ammeter itself.  If the battery goes dead running the PTO you have a problem with the charging system.  Neither of which a new PTO will fix.  Find the root problem, it isn't the PTO. 

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5 hours ago, DT Fan said:

Thanks, I'll look a little deeper into the charging thing. Battery eventually goes down.

Definitely a charging problem.

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