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Has anyone re-wired any of the 800/900 cyclo corn planters from front to back?  Is it a pain in the rear end?

Is there an aftermarket company makes the harness and plug in connectors? Or would I go thru my IH dealer?

The seed monitor has been checked, they say it's ok.

What is the black box under the seed drum,? The main connection block I assume?


Thanks for the input!




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You might try contacting either Sensor 1 or Ag Express.    

Some wiring companies (such as Porch Electric) may build you a new harness from the old one.  

COst is probably not going to be much cheaper than thru the dealer.

Can't comment on the 800/900, but 5 years ago I got sick of fighting the JD 7000 planter harness and made my own, the way I wanted it.   Took it over to Porch Electric and had them braid it.  I pity the poor guy who buys it on my farm auction and tries to find sensors that plug into it......

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Check with shoup, they might offer harnesses for cyclo planters.

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On 5/30/2020 at 8:47 AM, 806frank said:

Ag express in Des Moines can make a new one, they just need model of planter.

Ordered the monitor harness from them for my 800 this spring, they had it at my door in 36 hours.


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