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Best Looking Tractor

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In my book it is hard to beat the Black Stripe 66 series. This one has been in the family since new and still is a working tractor. I converted it from a fender tractor to a cab version because we got tired of getting wet or freezing in cold weather and the ac is nice when it gets hot. 


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I would have to put this one on the top of my list 👍😎 Danny 

Here is the 3 favorites at the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds , the 5388, 1086 and the 1066  Danny 

The 88's are by far the classiest tractors ever made. That being said, I also really like the 14's in general and a restored black stripe is so good lookin' it hurts!

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21 hours ago, Fred B said:




My Dad had a Case 430 triple range and eagle hitch years ago. One of my brothers is looking for one because he loved it so much.

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On 5/27/2020 at 9:22 PM, iowaboy1965 said:

Any model ih red is the best looking! 🙂

I like all the red ones...and the yellow ones...and they gray ones.....but not as much of a fan of the utilities, even though they are still neat.

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