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spam mis class

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Hey BJ

DA  ISP re classed email

they are totally unreachable in india and only go by script on screen

is there anything we can do at home?

90% of email have been classed as spam and 99% of spam is now good....  some days 100+  RPMF go missing



Schools and other organizations are sending many more emails than usual, and as a result, some of them may be labeled incorrectly as spam. 

We don't want you to miss any important emails, so we have changed spam email settings for all comcast.net email accounts. 

Beginning this week, all emails sent to your comcast.net email account that are categorized as spam will now be stored in your spam folder for 7 days. After 7 days, those emails will be deleted. 

Please check your spam folder at least once a week to be sure you aren’t missing any important emails. Otherwise, you don't have to take any action. These changes are being made automatically. 

If you believe an email was incorrectly categorized as spam, you may designate the email as "Not Spam." Click here to learn more. 

Chat with us if you have any other questions


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you guys need to go back to work and stop posting every 15 min

there are now ,for today alone 140 RPMF  notices in the spam folder  and 0 spam since "india" turned OFF spam

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From my research it appears that Comcast made the spam change 3 years ago. Are you 100% certain the message is from Comcast and not from someone pretending to be them? I would examine the email headers to see if the message came from Comcast's servers. 

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yes it was sent for  5-10-20

that is when 99.2% of RPMF alerts were classed spam,dont understand  why the .08  (3-4 day) get thru?

and exactly reversed with actual spam

cant get thru to india support,so we can default the change back?

what would it benefit a scammer to change the settings?




We made some changes to comcast.net email settings

Email from Xfinity: We made some changes to comcast.net email settings

5/10/2020 9:44 AM

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I have not heard back from india nor tried to fix myself

now ALL rpmf notes are going to spam and ONLY rpmf boards has totally changed the look/size/icons etc any one else.......maybe mid process of update?







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