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The issue that I am having is that I am having only cyl's 1 and 2 (from the front) fire... did have the head rebuilt... checking the fuel bleed valves, shows that I am not getting the pressure tot he injectors, I have checked the opening valve clearance and that appear to be OK. so that would suggest that the system is holding pressure for 1&2 but then is losing pressure for 3&4... any thoughts?

when I set up my Injector pump to operate on my bench, I notice that there is a lot of air bubbles coming out of the primary pump on the back of the Injector Pump assembly... that seems a bit odd. I don[t know if that is an issue... My guess is that it shouldn't be having bubbles from the primary pump Now if I remember correctly,  the fuel flow goes from the primary pump into a filter where it then goes into the secondary pump so that would suggest that the air would then get separated... I did put in new gaskets 

I have put in new gaskets, and it is still leaking fuel into the lower section of the pump (different issue I think) ... What seal is causing this?

Have already spent $500.00 on this thing... 

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