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IH 674 TA pump regulator valve

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Hey, does anyone know the part-number for number 19? It's the regulator valve spring for the TA pump, ours is broken in two and we think it is the reason why the tractor kick out of direct drive, and since the TA doesn't work the tractor just stops moving. Press the clutch and put it in TA and back to DD gets it going again.

We don't have a parts book and the CNH online book does not show any number for either the spring or the whole valve assembly.

Thanks, Patrik.


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Hi Patrik,  I see you are in Sweden, so maybe more difficult for you to find the part.
I believe you are correct in your diagnosis of the problem as the T/A HI side requires about 250 PSI hydraulic pressure.
There used to be a service kit that you could buy from CIH, I found p/n for 485,585,685,885 as p/n 1502344C93.
Also found spring p/n 65730C1 for 685 up to serial number 10997.

Google both p/n and contact your local CIH dealer before buying to make sure it will work in the 674.



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65730C1 looks like it's the right spring and the CNH online parts store claim it fits a 674 but we'll call the dealer aswell.

Thank you very much!

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There is an update on the spring and the nut to hold it in item 17 , they changed the spring length and fitted a longer nut, pressure will be close as before , but it has a longer more reactive spring to stop breakage. Fitted many years ago. I think maybe that's what Jim has found without checking the p/n's.

All the 74/84 tractors up to the black chassis with electric T-A use the same parts. You can check the pressure with a 0-250 psi gauge in plug 15 if required, you can shim up the spring also with the new style nut to set pressure.



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