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The awesome picture thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have a friend who works   at New Zealands   main observatory...in the South Island

...get some interesting pictures

..this one of a local stone Church......


GB Church.jpg

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After the second round of rain yesterday this popped up. Hopefully the picture does it justice! If this isn't the most vivid rainbow I've ever witnessed it has to be in the top five!


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...couple more pictures from my ''observatory''   friend

...''horse head''   nebula...and ''eagle'' nebula,,,,the images come from waaaaay out in   space


Horsehead Nebula.jpg

Eagle Nebula.jpg

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Islands in the shy. Out checking a new water line that starts at tank right behind me in this first picture. And the fog below me, but no camera. So I zipped back to the house but already breaking up as I shot picture from the top the ridge. 

The second one is looking at the east side of the Santa Lucia range 5 to 7 miles due west of my location. Between 2 and 5 miles from the peak to the Pacific Ocean. The Hearst Castle is just over the peak. The last picture is facing the same way just taken from the north side of the ridge I was on top of.

Rocky Butt is just a bit north on the coast range. Was a fire look out until all that was done away with. But still used for all kinds of radio, TV, and cell phone antenna. As well as a weather station. I believe they are real near 100 inches for our July  1 to June 30 rain year. The rain season is over generally speaking, but sprinkling with less than 10/100 of a inch so far today. A bit more for tonight. Just to show how much difference 5 miles make I have 50+ inches here at the house. Not bad for my average of 20. 


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