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The answer is in hear, just not easy to find.


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In the construction zone, 527 pages, 119,585 posts. There is NOT a fast look up, click and find it. Example I'm interested in TD6 info:

start page one and look for TD6 headings, when you find it write it down, page and topic. advance to next TD6 topic etc etc etc . Its in there just not point and click.

Page 527 oldest post 3/9/2005 #1........Can not answer or reply to any but most links still work. Right now most of us have 32 more days to visit the archives.

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he did post over there

most searches must be done outside directed back to here

this is a gratis site supported by ads in RPM ,no longer effective for instant/weekly answers,sellers/ buyers but works great for free vs  nation budgets that plaster you with ads sell your details,then suck up and re sell or totally remove the info.

this site is old and gone thru 5-6 crash's,updates /servers and even techs, so there is a section that is READ ONLY

outside of search,  which takes  $$$$ techs, code and $$$ servers  the rest works super 

clean your comp cache and go to support here, for more info,  then report back with issues.

have to be patient and keep trying, there are only  < 10 here that know the info you need and still alive in the world at large < 100 

none are actively searching for you, YOU have to search them or get noticed in some way

yes it tough, but the alternative is, travel the world looking for people or written info,although expensive that did use to work like operator assistance.

press on try to load some photos

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