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more progress on the 4700

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got the gooseneck ball all mounted. decided to add a 2" receiver hitch/ bumper/light bar to the rear.  Now it has a 40K gooseneck hitch, 30 ton pintle and a 15 ton receiver hitch that is the same height as the receiver on my pickup for hitch up convenience.    The actual bumper is 3/8" thick 4" square tube that I pierced and welded the receiver tube into.  The uprights are 1" by 4" bar stock and its bolted with 6- 3/4" grade 8 bolts through the frame  and half inch bar stock that is now welded to the 30 ton pintles frame that attaches to the rear spring hangers.  4 1" thick gussets were added to the uprights and square tube.  added a couple 3/4" weld on D rings for the safety chains and made a rear filler plate out a piece of the old box canopy.  Welded light mounting boxes to the top of the tube to mount all the trucks original dump box lights in and added a set of LEDs that run off the old sander light circuit.  Waiting on a junction box so I can wire up the  the 7 way plugs I added and a set of mudflaps she'll be ready to roll.












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I sure don’t want to be near you if anything breaks.  Looks great

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