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Darst auction gets moved back...


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16 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

I thought auction prices were HIGH right now though... That's what everyone seems to be complaining is the case.

 #1 faux shill bids ,seller, BTO or auction owned ...... as of today have 3 green dealers plastering the market with faux instore sales and auctions where first bid is more than store retail.

#2  they are only high on select items  with pre 2008 engines,  BTO items as in $150K + equip, lazy type equipment , less than 15 years old with all the fancy stuff, 130% of new

   selling low 

ie balers our fathers used to make 200K bales (but with < 40K thru)  < $3500

wagons   1/2  $ new

what our grandfather used...  takes labor or slow/small    < ' 75    some where around scrap.... even on low use original barn kept

most refuse to describe items or more than 2 bad photos and do not post results bc you would see same bidder buying again at next weeks sale

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You must be going to different auctions than me.

We don't have any "weekly" auctions as far as farm equipment goes. Closest we have are Amish and Mennonite weekly produce/hay auctions. Everybody has an annual auction, and a couple of guys do seasonal auctions. Sure you see a few things here and there doing the "grand tour"  in the spring where it's obviously the same piece of equipment being bid in and brought to the next auction in hopes of a higher price, but generally the stuff is unique from auction to auction.

Your dealers must be really hard up for business if they are resorting to that kind of behavior.

Around here if anything has any useful life left in it, it brings good money. There are a lot of small operators still nestled up in the hills trying to eek out a living. Things sell.

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Unfortunately, I let my club dues lapse several months back, and I guess because of that, I missed the news that Mr. Darst had died. I can't really say I ever met him, but I always enjoyed reading his work in Harvester Highlights and his displays at several Roundups. Just the other day I was just thinking about my dues, the magazine, and my M-TA seat that I always intended to have him recover. Sorry to hear he's gone. 70 is way too young these days.

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dont know if you can get the results as it closes now

just 1 sample


the others have switched to online only they have 1 to 10 at any time in preview/prebid,

will try to capture one but the evaporate when done

some times 3 in same week, right now little guys only option to sell ,site gives 0-6 word description 0-2 photos and REFUSE to post more or let you talk to seller,    little guy has 0 representation and high fees,sceptical buyers high fees,   BTO makes own bids and little fee 

dig into the area dealers or their close buddies as to repeat and recycled same items and anomized bidders as the owners

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Peterson? Their online auctions are so bad I completely blocked them out of my mind. I stand corrected because LandPro is "around here." Didn't know they were running weekly auctions now.

Under normal circumstances there are plenty of "legitimate" (everything's relative) consignment sales going on this time of year to not waste my time with the likes of that outfit.

Frankly I don't care who owns it or who/what is bidding against me. I bid what I think something is worth. I don't get caught up in bidding wars. If I hit my limit and they want to play games, I walk away. Strike it off to me, or keep it, I don't care. I may "need" that piece of equipment but I'll find another one or get by without it.

Obviously not everyone plays these games, because I manage to get equipment bought.

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