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460 Hydraulics


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On the 460 you have the two (at least on my tractor) valves on the lower center counsel that are turned to select single or double acting hydraulics, do you turn them counter clockwise or clockwise for double acting? Anyone have a picture of the correct decals? mine are way gone and the cylinders work both ways, and i have got it so mixed up in my head that it is driving me mad, to say I am having troubles and think this is an understatement, but the ole gal is dong a good job


Thank you for any help

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6 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

Isn't there an S and a D embossed in the valve head?

You can also check by disconnecting the hydraulic and giving the lever a bump in each direction. In single, the tractor will only "grunt" when you pull the lever back. In dual, it will grunt in both directions.

I need to take the sheet metal off to get to the valve to look, but that sure would make sense.  The one valve has a broken spring/clip so it doesn't hold the the selector in place.  I need to spend the time fixing that, or coming up with a work around. My valve block is leaking again so we will split the valve assembly and replace O-rings to fix the leak. Then change fluid & filters and she should be good for awhile.  


I also need to work on the pressure regulator and make sure that it is set right.  

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