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Integrated Trimble Auto Pilot-5488

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Thank you to 5488Duke for doing the groundwork on this in the linked thread!


The Puma kit he mentioned now comes with the counter balance valve integrated into the steering valve as a one piece valve. This makes it rather bulky to install next to the hand pump so my install is not as clean as his. I finished this up on Friday afternoon and then field cultivated approx 200 acres Friday evening and Saturday. It never once got too far off the line to disengage, but I think a bit more calibration might be good, it seemed a bit slow to respond.  All in all, very happy with how it went, makes a great old horse a pleasure to drive again!  Used NAV Controllers and used displays are getting to be quite reasonable and more readily available which makes this a less prohibitive option cost wise compared to an electronic steering wheel turner.  Please overlook the sloppy load sense connection haha 🙂  I didn't have the proper #6 straight ORS to JIC
















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Glad to see others benefiting!  Looks like a great job and really nice 5488 you have there.  I agree, adding the auto steer really made it nice to plant with and do other field work.  

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You guys out west got it made.Ground flatter then a pancake,fields miles long.With auto steer you guys got time to fix your lunch,brush your teeth and put your make up on if you so desire before you get to the head land.

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4 hours ago, 5488Duke said:

what size field cultivator are you pulling with your 5488?


Thanks, it's not as nice as yours tho. 😉 I need to get the front screen replaced. The field cultivator is a 26.5 ft with a 4 bar tiger tine and pulling a 28' Wingfield harrow.  

Also pull a 24' Chandler litter spreader in the fall with this tractor and the steering is going to be much appreciated for that job!

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59 minutes ago, brahamfireman said:

Cost???? Got a 2 wheel 5088 I'd love to do for planting.

Well I haven't gotten the invoice yet, but I "think" the quote for the Puma platform kit was $3,700 but I forget if that included the hose kit, which I did not get through Trimble. The used NAV 2 Controller I bought was $2,500 but they can be found for even less. The hoses and fittings were a bit less than $400 at a hydraulic shop. I'll try to remember to update this once I receive the invoice.

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3 hours ago, acem said:

I assume that was in addition to the 'monitor/console' and antenna you already have?  What kind of wiring was required? Thx-Ace

Correct. A Trimble 750 or FMX/FM1000 display is also required for Auto Pilot, I do not believe a 250 or 500 will work, but I could be mistaken. (happens alot 😉 )  The used NAV 2 came with the "octapus cable" and the rest of the cabling was included with the platform kit, except for the power cable for the display and the antenna cable from the GPS antenna to the display.  Used WAAS only FMXs are getting pretty reasonable and they seem to be quite durable.


I looked back in my texts and the quote for the Puma 165-210 platform kit was $3,345 with no hoses.

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So; I have the invoice for this project in front of me. A couple of you had asked about the cost, so here's a rough breakdown. The total is more than a guy could get an electronic system for, but I feel it's worth the extra expense. As noted above, this does not include the display/monitor.


Autopilot Platform Kit - CIH Puma 165-210 $3,345.00 (Hyd steering valve, wheel angle sensor and several cables)

USED Nav 2 Controller - $2,500 ( they can be found for less and AgExpress will refurbish if needed)

A cable was also needed that I did not have with the display and a relay.

FMX power relay to AutoPilot - $75.00

FMX Can to NAV 2 Harness - $165.00

USED Remote Engage foot switch - $47.50

The total for the hydraulic hoses and fittings used was a little over $400.00

I also had my Trimble dealer (cousin) help configure the valve and run through the calibration procedures. Since this install is not supported by Trimble, there was a bit of trial and error involved. So, an additional $650 of labor.



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