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Jx95 hydraulics

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Early tractors with Iveco engine had 2 pumps, one on front of timing gear housing one on rear of housing. The drive to these failed but I forget which pump you lose first. These tractors had clutch and brake pedals thru the floor board.

Later tractors have Cummins / Iveco engines and the tandem pump is on left side of engine. Have started to see a number of these fail. Clutch and brake pedals suspended from under instrument cluster. 

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CIHTECH    this is a early JX 95 , steering pump in front of cover and main pump on rear of cover, the main pump is the one that quit, my problem is i can not find the drive gear/shaft in the parts book, i searched the engine section and the hydraulic section , if someone could help me that would be great. Thanks. Steve

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