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If your not getting bubbles in the radiator on start up,meaning the head is still not cracked. Keep it that way. The radiator is old take it apart and rod it out properly.  That head is one of the most easy to crack of any ever designed.They will crack if shut off without a good cool down. But if babied a bit will last much longer.


Don't let the bolts into cast iron scare you.Use a impact turned down. Penetrating oil and then heat. If you break some no big deal. Flat washer and a arc welder,then weld a nut on top.Let them cool. Keep welding a washer and then nut. I have had to weld some 4,5,even 6 time. But other than time to cool,super easy to do. Never had one that didn't come out. 

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If you’re looking to clean out scale and deposits, the old boys used to always tell me to use white vinegar. Cummins has a pretty good coolant system flush marketed under the Fleetgaurd brand called Coolant Restore. I’ve had good luck using that. It did wonders cleaning out a bunch of deposits on my JD 8960.

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